Poll: Would you like to replace the old emoticons with the new ones?
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3 75.00%
Nope, I like the old ones!
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Time to use new emoticons?
A long time ago, I decided to renew the old, boring yellow emoticons, with the new black ones; then, it was decided to revert to the old ones, but some emoticons remained black... so now we have two kind of emoticons, old yellow and new black, with different styles...

Maybe it's time to use a new set of emoticons... what do you think about these?

[Image: nu_icons.png]
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I like the style and shape but without colors they kind of lack pop. They don't stand out against the black text.
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Agree that they don't "pop up" like the classic ones... but we are a stylish and modern forum, so they will be quite appropriately... or not? Big Grin
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I like them the way they are now Smile
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I agree with Feallan.

Not only that, but the forum is unique right now in terms of emoticons - I haven't seen a mixture of the yellow and black ones anywhere else. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Wink Ok Tongue
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I just noticed that we have not a "crying" emoticon... I think we need it, just in case... Wink

And, even if I don't dislike the mixture of black and yellow emoticons, don't you all think it's time to set a one-color-for-all, maybe using a new emoticon set? Just an idea, as the poll votes is toward this.
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I'm up for a new emoticon set.
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Maybe we can get a new color of emoticons too? Blue or Green would be cool.
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What about these ones?

[Image: square-emoticons-hi.png]

(if chosen, they will be at normal size, of course!)
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They look like shit tbh
Thanks given by: ilovewaterslides

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