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Almost Human (TV series)

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Finally an high quality sci-fi series!!! It was time, indeed! Acting is good, actors are well chosen, effects are not perfect but a lot better than some other series (SyFy for example)... and the fact that J.J. Abrams produced it, could be defined a "seal of quality"! I like almost all of these, but... we are in the 2048; we have human clones, android with emotions, improved humans, holographic "things" everywhere... and we still have 30+ years old Fiat 500, Smart ForTwo, Can-Am Spider and even a Segway(!) ?!?

Apart the latest little annoying fact, every other aspect of the series is good, so take some time to watch it; really reccomended to any sci-fi lover!
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This series could have been the next Fringe... but never was.

The networks want procedimentals. They want standalone episodes, so anybody can watch them. A series with mythology and story arc, like Lost or Fringe surely gets more fandom, but they know that the casual viewer will avoid the series because it requires a knowledge of past episodes.

And they did a procedimental. Sorry, but coming from Lost and Fringe, this was sooo boring. Don't get me wrong, the chemistry between the actors was good, the effects were good, but the script wasn't. It needed a story arc. Coming from JJ, I was expecting an undercover arc revealing itself slowly, like in the first season of Fringe, and there was one, but they started it too late. Well, it was the network who started it too late, because they aired first the standalone episodes and last the 3 "arc" episodes. It was not enough, at least for me.

It was too sci-fi for the casual viewer, and too procedimental for the "fan". I think it never gained the casuals and it was losing the fans as it developed.

The point is, they avoided almost any story arc to remain on air more time, and they ended up cancelled. So for next series, JJ, just do arcs, heavy arcs, from episode one. If they want to cancel, they are gonna do it anyway, but if the fanbase is big enough, they will continue asking for more seasons, like with Fringe.
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It was cancelled... NOOOO!!! Finally I found a good sci-fi series, and they cancel it... AGAIN?!?

I liked Terra Nova, Outcasts, Caprica, Firefly... all cancelled after just one season... even Stargate Universe was too intelligent to survive more than two seasons... damn f**ked studios!

Well, Firefly got its own movie, Caprica had an unsatisfied ending but at least gave us explanations... sadly, I think we'll got nothing more for the others... some other interesting concepts didn't go further the pilot episode, so somehow we could be considered "lucky" enough to have a complete season...
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I thought you knew, sorry. Sad
Don't worry, is not a problem, at the contrary now I have NOT to wait for the next season! Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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