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Indiana Jones 5?

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So apparently they are going ahead with Indiana Jones 5 with Ford and Spielberg. Lucas is out. What does everyone think? I agree with the prevailing opinion that Ford is too old but it feels like Spielberg has something to prove.
Can it be worst than IJ4?!? Wink
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Yes it can always be worse Smile
Indiana Jones and the Filing of the Taxes!
I tend to believe Ford has one more in him .... maybe to kill him off like they did with Solo, putting the past to rest maybe?
Frankly I wasn't exactly ecstatic when The Force Awakens was initially announced since I felt the story was fine the way it was but I warmed up to it after a while. Now I just say ehh what the hell. Today it's either the remake or the much too late sequel. Anyways Ford did pretty good in TFA so I'd be interested in seeing him take one last crack at Indy. My question now is does this mean that the Disney castle is now gonna morph into something when the film starts????
(With respect towards his older work but...) Maybe the fact that Lucas will have nothing to do with it will actually make it betterTongue
It doesn't matter who's involved in this movie, if Ford is in it, it will suck.

Indiana Jones is a strong adventurer who gets to discover old treasures, kill bad people and bang hot girls. That's all there is to the character, it's meant to be a perfect self insert for guys. Everyone wants to be Indiana Jones, no one wants to be old Indiana Jones.

They will either make Ford "a tough old guy" again (which really doesn't work when the actor is 74...), or prop up a new Indy to take over in next movies, just like they tried (and failed) with Shia la Buff or whatever his name is.

If they want new Indy movies, they should just make a remake and be done with it.
If they we're going the way of a remake I'd say let it die. Indiana Jones is what and who he is. Maybe if the script includes killing off Marion for some said treasure/secrets in the beginning and then moves forward from there to some ominous and action-filled end to Indy, I'm good.

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