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Audio preservation forum
I've just got here and I'm already moving the furniture around ;-)

How about an audio-specific section? Lots of us are into resyncing soundtracks (usually laser-sourced, but not always) so it would be good to keep track of the various audio-only projects in their own threads. It may even help me remember what I'm working on myself...
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Good idea! Let's hear what the other member think!
JetrellFo and jerryshadoe will be surely the first to say "DO IT!" Wink
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I say do it as well, after all the audio is important to.

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New members: Please do not send me a PM about how to acquire a file or project. Participate in forums, just asking for things and not participating will get you nowhere fast.

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Agreed. Audio should have it's own section. Not only do a lot of us like (prefer) soundtracks from LD sources (or others depending on movie,) but there is also a matter of syncing multiple language tracks to different releases as well. A sub-section of the audio containing as many language options as possible for a given movie would be a nice resource when putting together various projects.
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I knew it... Wink

Should I add a forum like "Audio projects" and subforums like the video one (request, proposal, in progress, released, archived)?

Or starting to use something like [video] and [audio] in front of project thread titles should do?
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