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[proposal] The Warriors Theatrical
The Dark Jedi/Team Blu project is on the spleen. It edits the Bluray to the DVD, with the theatrical shots subbed in from an HD cap.
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I was capping something else at the same time so I capped it too, no big deal. Like I said, if there's interest I'll crack on, if not no worries.
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I'm definitely interested. I remember the Netflix stream looking very good. What did Team Blu use for their custom?
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(2017-03-21, 10:02 PM)IcePrick Wrote: What did Team Blu use for their custom?

I can't answer that one as I've not seen their custom. I think they edited the Director's Cut BD and replaced affected scenes. 

I also have an HDTV recording (Film 4 HD) which looks pretty good but I haven't capped it yet as it's 1080i and I have to capture it losslessly via a separate device. If the masters are identical I might be able to combine the two.
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I'm definitely in too! Love this movie. Hate the DC.
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