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[proposal] The Warriors Theatrical
I used this report to check the accuracy of the netflix/HDTV:

As far as I can tell they conform to the TC DVD with regards to content, with the HDTV missing frames around as breaks and the Netflix curiously missing a frame at the end of a shot of Thomas G. Waites after Cyrus is shot. Maybe the capture device dropped a frame, who knows.

So it looks like we've got the theatrical cut in HD but with the grading of the director's cut.
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All finished, will open a thread in released. PM for links
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
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AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I help preserving movies as they first appeared in Italy. Often in cahoots with Leonardo
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Me still not, until The Matrix laserdisc would be captured and posted... then... we'll see! Tongue
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It's the next thing on my list, I promise
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Fundamental collection thread site | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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