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Underworld trilogy
Well, open-matte versions with Cinema DTS soundtrack look like a GREAT project! Will I make them? Dunno... maybe it's time for some young talent to make one of these... Wink

@Jetrell: let me know what do you think about the HD-DVD of Evolutions - compared to BD.
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Someone did an edit like I mentioned in the first post: but too much was cut... my aim is just to "cut & paste" here and there, and delete just EP3 final shots.
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As long as that "talent" isn't meTongue

But seriously, this would be a great beginner project for any newcomer... do we have any takers??
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Even without PC, I took the ex. cut DVD of the first movie, and compared it with (gasp!) screenshots taken from movie-censorship and watched (double gasp!) on my phone, so *probably* this is not the best comparison enviroment, but... for what it worth, my PAL DVD seems brighter, less blue and more green; faces colors are, of course, still pale, but more natural than what I remember from BD...

Now, if someone got both, a chance and time to do a proper comparison, I will be happy to know the conclusions! Ok
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I only have the HD-DVD of the first movie, extended cut, and I like it.
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The only thing I saw for Evolutions was the Open Matte Bluray version which looked great too.
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