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Eragon extended cut
I wonder if, somewhere in the world, there is a BD (or HD-DVD, or HDTV) extended cut - theatrical + extended/deleted scenes found on DVD.

If not, maybe using the PaNup technique to insert them into the BD *could* be interesting...
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OK, I know this is not a masterpiece, and it's considered certainly worst than the book, but I still think it could be improved (a bit, at least) reinserting 12 minutes of deleted scenes...

I found that there is an "extended edition" as digital download, but the lenght seems the same of the normal version, 1hrs 43min... someone could help with this? If the EE does have the deleted scenes in it, no need to make this project!
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Everyone told me the movie is shit, so I never watched it Smile
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I did not hear favorable things about this one either, so I skipped it.
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There are far worst movies about dragons... "Dungeons and dragons" and "Dragonheart 2" come to mind immediately!
Still waiting an answer to my question... Wink
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