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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
Has anyone by any chance captured Spaceballs?? I don't own the BD but am at the moment watching it on Starz and noticed quite a few differences compared to the old DVD. First the audio pitch of the movie is slightly lower, there's no echo when Vespa yells 'NOBODY!' in the desert, Dot Matrix's line 'No Vespa! Wait! Don't!' just before Vespa is caught by Dark Helmet is gone, the whilhelm scream when the officer is shot is gone, no 'echo' to Yogurt's voice when Lone Starr hears his voice during his dual with Helmet, and also the Van Halen song played during the diner scene is replaced by another song. Maybe the BD has the correct version (can someone confirm??) but if not that would be good to add to the list (if it hasnt been captured already that is).
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I only have the Pal hard target sadly
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Dirty harry series needs to be fixed they ruined it with modernized effects. a mixdown to mono from the earlier laserdiscs would work .
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