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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
I've never done anything like this, but what happens when you split the captured wav where the parsing breaks and try parsing the split off parts separately?
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Well, I have done it before, and, as I converted the DTS from 44.1KHz to 48KHz, I avoided the hassle to join separate sides without loss! Wink

@BusterD: read the thread on OT; you can also make a comparison, but if they are identical, it doesn't mean they are bit-perfect! Still, according to my experience, if you can convert to DTS more than one minute, then IT IS bit-perfect.
Why it didn't convert it until the end? Most simple question is there was a "glitch" somewhere; maybe the capture program has missed a frame, or the disc has a dirt spot and the laserdisc laser can't read it perfectly, or maybe the cat jumped over the laserdisc player and you haven't noted - it happens, it happens... Happy
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(2017-12-17, 12:45 PM)zoidberg Wrote: BusterD,
Have you syccessfully captured laserdisc DTS before? I'm wondering if the side break is interfering with the parsing of the dtswav.

This is my only DTS LD, haven't had any problems with BeSplit on any AC3 tracks so far, though.

I actually tried splitting the wav file into each side, but BeSplit still stopped before the end of side 1, and it stopped about 20 minutes into side 2.

Will try capturing it again someday, if all else fails I can try splitting the file at each point where BeSplit stops or eac3to gives an error,and then stitch it together again.

Thanks all for the responses!
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Good luck with the second attempt, if it happens again then it maybe the disc itself. If you have an A/V system give the disc a spin and see if you experience any kind of audio dropout at those timecodes.
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Yeah, I considered the disc being a problem, but I was watching and listening while it was capturing and didn't notice any problems. I guess it could be a sensitivity issue or something.
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I would love to get the LD DTS audio for the sci-fi film Mimic.
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