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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
Have been capturing loads over the last couple of weeks, will upload a list once I'm finshed.

In the meantime, does anyone have Friday (1995) available at all?
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Does anyone have The Osterman Weekend (1983) [ID7492HB] ? Original mono has not appeared on DVD or Blu.

I just picked up a used copy of the R1 SE because the BD looks horrible.

EDIT: Turns out the R1 SE DVD contains the original mono mix on the Theatrical Cut! I was going by DVDCompare which states mono is only on Disc 2 (Sam's first cut), and its not mentioned on the back sleeve. Very nice surprise. Still the PCM from the LD might be even better!
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Does anyone have the PCM track from the Gattaca LD?
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Anyone have the Criterion release of Akira?
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(2021-03-30, 04:31 PM)bronan Wrote: Anyone have the Criterion release of Akira?

I might have something. Will PM you.
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Does anyone have The Last Temptation of Christ?

I know the Criterion BD was based off the 6-track but would be good to get the 35mm mix too. Failing the LDs, apparently the UK Mediumrare BD has a stereo track.

Happy Easter Big Grin
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