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LaserDiscs needed for replacing BD audio
(6 hours ago)stwd4nder2 Wrote:
(6 hours ago)SpookyDollhouse Wrote: Anyone plan on syncing Clockwork Orange's DVD mono to the 4k? The 4k does have it but it's been given a filtering treatment according to some who've listened.
Does the 4k have the original mono or is it some remix like FMJ?

I actually do not know because I haven't compared, but from other accounts it appears to be. They've just filtered it more, but it's still better than the 5.1 mix they say.

(6 hours ago)ac3 Wrote: Dvd synced from the 1st bd. Can't remember for sure if it was + or - tho Big Grin

Yea I was wondering about a sync to the new 4k, not the Blu.
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