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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Regrade
Can't watch it; it's privatized.
Thanks given by: Doctor M
(2016-08-26, 06:09 PM)FrankT Wrote: Can't watch it; it's privatized.
Holy crap. I've had that link on OriginalTrilogy for a very long time and you're the first one to point that out.
I've changed it to unlisted. It should work now.
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Hm. Well, comparing that against my print, it's not really that much different, except maybe a slight contrast adjustment.

[Image: dukz3Ye.png]
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FrankT. Trying to regrain a video source that has been severely processed to be de-grained semms a bit pointless. Unless I'm confusing things in this reasoning, I think you try to re-invent the wheel. The intention for this project is nice, but still...
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There have been several projects that have seen the benefit of re-graining. Yes, it does NOT add more detail, BUT it does give the illusion of more detail (in most cases, but NOT all) and it does give a more "organic" look when viewed in motion which is more pleasant to watch.
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(2016-03-25, 12:26 AM)FrankT Wrote: Next year will mark the 80th anniversary of the debut of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I'm hoping that this regrade should be done by then.

Is this still on the stove and still cooking?  Smile

Quote:Using DrDre's tool ... it lets these artifacts through.

My thought for a solution would be to eliminate artifacts in the coloring due to mismatching grain/noise between the Blu-ray and your "reliable video":

After resize/alignment, Edge-Preserve-Smooth* both the Blu-ray and the reliable-video, apply DrDre's tool to create a smoothed-regrade, pull out the Hue and Saturation of the smoothed-regrade with HSL-Split*, pull out the Lightness of the original Blu-ray with HSL-Split*, and rejoin those HS and L with HSL-Combine* to be the finale regrade -- Blu-ray with reliable-video color.

BTW, I haven't tried his tool yet although am dying to play with it. If you decide to try this idea, please post a sample same-frame, non-lossy .PNG of each source and the result, for each step. Thanks!
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I'd be most interested once it's released. Could you put me on the direct download waiting list? Thanks!
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Crumbs! I'm sorry I've left this for so long, I've been distracted with other things... like how to grade the whole film quickly! For the time being, however, this project has to be shelved. In fact, all of my projects are shelved for the time being, because frankly, I didn't have the self-discipline to keep them going. But I'm not like Koopa, and I'm going to prove it to you, somehow. Maybe I'll have to take it to Fanedit, but...
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Don't worry, you and Koopa are not alone... here I am! The one that think to 1000 projects, start to work on 100, stop near the end on 10 to finally release 1! Big Grin

I always say (to myself, mainly): "better late than never!" - yet, I want to improve my release rate, and I'll do it... sooner, or later... Wink
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The biggest problem is, I'll have to get a more powerful computer before I can begin to do work, since the one I have now can't do the job efficiently. I've had my eye on either this or possibly this - which is better? I know they're both gaming PCs, but if they can do what I want them to do, then that's all that matters...
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