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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Regrade
Certainly looks better. What did you end up doing?

I find with Dre's program you really have to get almost the exact same frame and exact alignment between the sources. Dre has also said dirt, lines and scratches can throw it off.
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That does look a lot better now.

I agree with PDB about Dre's tool: The two images need to be aligned as close as possible to produce the best result or artifacts start creeping in...
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Well I should hope that they were. Should I scrub the reference image clean? Would I get different results in, say, Speedgrade? Because I do have that.
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Agh, looking at Speedgrade, it's already confusing... so, if Photoshop garners the better results, odds are I'm better off regrading there. But looking at it, I'd have to do it frame by frame, and that'd be insane! Hm... any ideas?
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The problem with doing it frame by frame in photoshop is the fact that you can't easily be sure that there is a consistency of the regraded colors and that, while it might look "right" when you view each frame individually, once you see them in motion you will notice that there are fluctuations.
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Tell you what - my colleague has suggested altering the colour spaces and stabilization parameters, something I had not taken into account. I'll go back and make new LUTs based on his findings.
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Work on this regrade is now on hold, while I go over to restoring a print of Alice in Wonderland.
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Why interrupt one project to start another, if I may ask?

Are you starting to multitask projects like some of us do? Tongue Ok
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Well, now you mention it, I am running between Alice and Fantasia... yeah, I might be able to fit Snow White into my schedule.
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I previously posted this on the OT Forum, but in case you haven't seen it, this might be helpful:
Disney reused the original cells for the short, but when transferred to DVD it didn't undergo the digital restoration that the film did.
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