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High-end video capture cards
So the theater750hdpcie seems to absolutely not work in windows 10 virtualdub setup. Can anybody recommend me a good laserdisc capture card that is pcie and WORKS in windows 10?

Anybody know anything about this one?

This one actually states 3d y/c separation comb filter in the description so maybe it's better?

Furthermore, does anybody have a good reputable place to order the ce310b? I think I've found it on aliexpress but the words they use to describe it along with their new seller status that is down to 85% already kind of freaks me out. I mean they say stuff like hd720 in the pictures when it's clearly only ntsc/pal resolutions that the card supports.
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I'm thinking to get the Aja Kona (Xena) LH-E PCI-Express... still can't say it would work on Windows 10, though, but, given the fact many (if not all) softwares I tried - even the 10+ years old - works, there is great probability it would work it, too... again, IMHO.

At least, you could get if dirty cheap, and resell it at the same price in not working.
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I've ordered the avermedia ce310b from amazon uk. It's not in stock so hopefully it doesn't take forever to get here. Hopefully it holds up against the 750hdpcie. It's a generation newer and seems to be made for compatibility and they have been actively updating the drivers for it including windows 10 so...I miss the 750hd. It had a great comb filter. Perhaps someday I'll get it working with windows 10.. or I'll find a cheap pc and install windows 7 on it.

If it doesn't work I'll try to find a aja kona and check it out.
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OK so I ordered the c725b, ce310b, and h727. I was thinking about starting a comb filter comparison thread as I don't see one anywhere here on fanres. I've still got a bunch of shots of the 750hd and I think there are other people here who are interested in comb filter performance as well that might post shots of their comb filter.
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That's a great idea! Eagerly waiting for it! Ok

Also, "simple" reviews of the capture cards would be greatly appreciated as well! Wink
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Well, the only one that has showed up so far is the c725b. I can say right off the bat that you should avoid this one. I'm hoping the ce310b is a superior product in all regards. I have the pioneer reference laserdisc and I played it and captured it via the c725b, and it basically sucks in all areas. I think it's probably on par with the cheapest usb capture stick that you can find. I'll add screenshots when I get around to making the comb filter thread but for now I just wanted to say do not buy this thing!  It has one redeeming quality. It seems to be absolutely compatible with win10,virtualdub, and probably most other software. It also has the ability to adjust settings during capture which the theater750hd does not. With that being said the Theater750hd runs circles around this in the noise and comb filter department.

I also should say that the theater750hd seems to function somewhat as a tbc. My cld-hf9g has always exhibited some sort of weird issue when capturing with any other card where each individual line doesn't always necessarily line up on the edges. The theater750hd never has this problem. I know each laserdisc player has it's own tbc but the cld-hf9g either bypasses it on composite output or the built-in tbc is crap.
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