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Request Highlander US Theatrical Cut
This is great, I enjoyed your video outlining the project too. Can I still get you a donation for the project?
Thanks given by: williarob
Awesome Williarob, it's a double whammy too, as now the climax will be also available without CGI remade VFX!
Thanks given by: williarob
I used the 2010 Bluray for my project, because that was the only one I had when I began the working on it. I have since acquired the 30th anniversary disc also, and that is somewhat sharper, and in many ways is closer to the original print colors and has deeper shadows - it was a dark movie, but the 2010 disc seems brightly lit and rather lacking in contrast throughout. If I was to do it again, I might use the newer disc as my main source. On the down side, the 30th disc does seem to have some clipped (or perhaps just almost clipped) highlights, and some of the scenes that are blue on the laserdisc, the 2010 disc, and the print are white here (as shown at the very end of the making of film above), so perhaps a mix of the two sources, or just some color correction on a few shots would be ideal.

I am considering sharing my After Effects project file - I'd need to clean it up and remove a bunch of stuff, like layers that were never used - but in theory at least you would be able to simply drop in either Bluray version and it would instantly convert it to the US TC.

The shots exclusive to the US Theatrical Cut include the Fox Logo (1080p), The Bedsoe scene, the final Quickening, and 2 versions of the Wrestling scene -35mm and the deleted scene from the bluray - I spent a week cleaning that up before I thought to check the Bluray because nobody had mentioned that it could be found on the disc and I figured somebody would have checked! They are all prores and the 35mm scenes are uncropped (and open Matte) 2160p.

If you just want just the US Theatrical scenes, to insert into your own project, send me a PM.
Thanks given by:
Amazing work!  The wrestling shots' being on the BD was mentioned in post#53, but that's easily overlooked in all the discussion.  Many thanks for posting the unique shots separately!  They are likely to come in very useful in future.

It occurred to me that it would nice to have an edit of the director's cut that adds the coffee shot and any missing dialog/effects/whatever back in.  I wonder if anyone ever investigated the Charles-V/Philip-II issue; the latter is apparently preserved in Highlander 2, but I've misplaced my copy of that. Moreover, I've yet to find a copy of H1 that has the variant, so the claim that it was the original reading might be misinformation.
Thanks given by:
I watched some parts of the laserdisc of the US cut yesterday, and oh boy this look so much like the film original was (I saw it I think 5 times in the cinema).
Thanks given by: williarob
Color timing on Rob's LD is awesome. It's the only release of H1 that I've seen on home video that exhibits that degree of color fidelity. With a few adjustments, it could serve as an exceptional frame of reference.
Thanks given by: williarob
I just started Rendering v2.0: This time using the 30th anniversary Bluray as the main source. I also patched that black frame, and tinted one of the white scenes blue. There are a bunch more scenes that need more blue, but I couldn't be bothered to get to them all...
Thanks given by: PDB , NeonBible

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