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Using the colour info from one source and the detail from another.

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What do you do with missing parts of picture information on the color source?

See picture below

[Image: HKaxIsB.jpg]
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You have to crop to the smallest picture if using avisynths stuff. They pretty much have to match the frames exactly.

If using a lut system like dre's you have to crop to match and then later apply the lut to the full uncropped picture.
The sample from me was done in After Effects on Mac.
I don't know Dre's program. But maybe a LUT can be used in After Effects on Mac?
Sorry forgot to answer this question...long weekend.

Dr Dre built himself a program to match the color of one pic of video to another as long as the pics/frames are reasonable aligned:


The output is a LUT you can use to color correct at least that shot. Both AP and AE accept LUTs, so its pretty simple.
Could one of you guys please send me a copy of DrDre's newest tool in a PM?

I really wanna try it out, since it's suppose to be so much faster now in comparison to his older version before he renamed the tool...

Thanx in advance guysWink
Is there a more up-to-date version than the one that's available on this page?
You can PM and he will send you a copy.
I just didn't wanna bother him if someone here already has it...

Should I PM him here or on OT?

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