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Trespass (1993) LD PCM Audio

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so, the movie still has no date for a blu-ray. so i went onto itunes and bought the 1080p version.
there was a 720p itunes version floating around, but i wasn't able to grab it. there is also a hd-cap
of the movie in 1080i available. however, due low bitrate the macroblocking artifacts are horrible.
hence why i went with the itunes version. now it's not perfect, but i would say it's the best version
to make it an even better version, i would like to get the ld pcm audio to mux those two together.
can someone help me with this? if yes and the project is done, i'd share the 1080p itunes version
with pcm audio here Smile

and with ld, i mean the ntsc one (japan or usa). audio must be 44.1khz at 16bit, bit perfect - just saying Wink

thanks in advance Smile
You get anywhere with this, Bendermac? Ironically, I was watching the DVD last night.
Nope Sad

It's a common title on eBay USA, but the shipping is just waaaaay too much for my taste.
Is it just shipping to you?
I don't really want to own the LD, unless I'd find it super cheap Wink

But the audio for the movie would be interesting to safe, as I've no doubt Universal
will release it in 5.1. OK, there is a slim chance of a 2.0 track.
Maybe we should wait for the Blu-ray to hit and then decide if it's worth getting the LD *HMMM*

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