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The Aftermath (1981) Laserdisc Audio Commentary

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Anyone who has followed my massive project of exclusive to LD or OOP DVD audio commentaries on MySpleen (which correspond with the thousands more audio commentaries up on TehParadox) may realize that there is but one audio commentary exclusive to laserdisc left to preserve. Yes. One. It's the commentary from The Aftermath, released by Roan. Now, you can get the director's cut of the movie on Cinemageddon, also sourced from the Roan laserdisc, but the uploader can't find the commentary or the discs with the extras. I have searched on every torrent site I can think of, I have been outbid on ebay for the disc (it generally gets ignored when it is $65-100, but this time it ended at $37, still way too much), I have negotiated with people on forums who claim to have the track, all for nothing. This has gone on for a few years now, and there have to be other people who have the disc or know someone who does can help out and the 4 years of this preservation project can finally be over.

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