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I continue to use it almost always, MultiAVCHD uses it... I think it's a great software, but someone told me the multiplexed files obtained by it could have some compatibility issues... what do you think?
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If there is one thing that I'm determined to learn, it is this. I'd like to add your LD audio from Halloween to the video of the 35th Ann. Blu-ray.
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Do you prefer the 35th Ann. BD color grading over the 1999 THX DVD? Just a question! Personally, even if 35th Ann. BD has a good, natural grading, I still prefer the "more" natural grading of the 1999 THX DVD - in autumn (or fall in US) leaves are red, I think, at least here in Italy... Wink
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I think your 1999 THX DVD color grading is better. The 35th Ann. release is just a tad washed out looking during the day time scenes in my opinion.
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