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Superman 2 & 3 recoloured
Here are some pics from the recolouring I've done for Superman III. Still need to create a bluray, before it's ready to release.

[Image: qxlCsAQ.png]
[Image: LMdVumh.png]
[Image: lQiBy9s.png]
[Image: YRU9F3i.png]
[Image: lvomyG1.png]
[Image: JKrHD6q.png]
[Image: zk0rtJK.png]
[Image: OWq4RlI.png]
[Image: NWVatzy.png]
[Image: PfyWz1F.png]
[Image: pure4fZ.png]
[Image: vT1KsY5.png]
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Ok this thing is finally done!

Bluray features :

DTSHD-MA 5.1 bluray audio
PCM 2.0 laserdisc audio
DTSHD-MA 2.0 isolated score
Commentary by Alexander Salkind & Pierre Spengler
Commentary by Oliver Harper and Duncan Casey
Commentary by Captain Logan and Oliver Harper
All non English audio tracks
All subs

Original at the top, Recolour at the bottom.

[Image: 9vnQdoU.jpg]
[Image: VUENt39.jpg]
[Image: aqua5DX.jpg]
[Image: xBGWm5j.jpg]
[Image: 9Ga891L.jpg]
[Image: I1Z3fnv.jpg]

Big thanks to Buster D for and schorman for the laserdisc audio.

Now on the spleen.
Thanks given by: spoRv , captainsolo
Looks excellent, far more filmic colours!
Thanks given by:
(2017-04-14, 12:28 AM)alexpeden2000 Wrote: Looks excellent, far more filmic colours!

Cool glad you like it.

Now on Myspleen I've also put up a recoloured verison of the Donner Cut. I upscaled by 1% to remove the black bars on the left and right. Features all audio and subs. No menus.

Original on the top, Recoloured at the bottom.

[Image: F4QQZXt.jpg]
[Image: 3KkZTBx.jpg]
[Image: qJf9jOm.jpg]
[Image: 0FLX0RI.jpg]
[Image: 05pB75Q.jpg]
[Image: 7HDdxoZ.jpg]
[Image: tnA5qJQ.jpg]
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Here's the soon to be uploaded Superman 2 Recoloured.

Original top, Recoloured bottom.

[Image: 18blFo2.jpg]
[Image: 0lBrukb.jpg]
[Image: f5ehWEo.jpg]
[Image: lBzxM9k.jpg]
[Image: vXr05wS.jpg]
[Image: 9nzAtkm.jpg]
Thanks given by:
Thanks given by:

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