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[proposal] Bicentennial Man
This movie is still not on Blu-ray; yes, it's available as web download, but the bitrate - as usual - is not so high, so overall quality is mediocre for an high def source...

The HDTV, altough it has a slightly higher bitrate than the WebDL, logo is present, with some macroblocking here and there... but, as I learned in the latest years, I found that merging two medium quality sources sometimes lead to obtain a better quality than each one used.

So, I thought to take the HDTV version, clean it a bit, use the WebDL for logo removal, then merge the two and add a grain plate, and... here you are the results:

What do you think? Does it worth a restoration, or the WebDL is good enough? Feedbacks, please!!!

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A movie i have never seen but i wouldn't mind seeing it. I say yes to the project.
Try some more grain maybe it won't seem so soft looking.

Film Addict    

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Watched at 4x zoom, I note cleaner lines and less solarization, plus of course a different color grading due to the merge, but can't say if it's better than WebDL or not...

Indeed, grain is really subtle, as I'm testing just the merging technique, and the grain plate is just that "touch" to cover some residual artifact... apart grain, do you think final result is better than WebDL?
Fundamental collection thread | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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Oh there's no doubt about it, it's better looking.

Film Addict    

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It seems it will be another project in the drawer... Wink
Fundamental collection thread | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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