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Sony PSP UMD movie discs
I have CR open matte I ripped from the PSP disc, synced it to the Blu-ray soundtracks including the commentaries.

It took me like a week work to achieve this. It's insanely difficult to get the image working, but I achieved it.
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Would you care to share your process for getting this done?
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(2016-04-13, 11:20 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: Would you care to share your process for getting this done?
I second that!
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I did this years ago. I DL a PSP image rip, extracted the video. I had to put it in an mkv and then extract the video using imkv extract. I remember had to remux it using makemkv at 24/001 for the final version, if I didn't the image wouldn't work. I then just synced the Blu-ray audio tracks.

I think the original sound never worked, so you are obliged to remux another audio from another source.
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AFAIK, all UMD movies are 2.0 stereo anyway.

Tempted to get a disc just to see if a PC DVD drive can read the files on it.
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I don't think so, you need to DL a rip from the internet, if not you need a psp and there are some guides on how to rip an image from the disc online
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Yep, not possible to play an UMD outside a PSP.
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You can't even copy the files then? There do seem to be PSP emulators around, but no idea if they can play the movies.
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Bumping this, as I successfully copied a UMD movie to my PC. Took a while to get my hands on a PSP without spending too much. (And then track down a USB cable with the right connector.) I also learned the hard way UMD movies are region coded. Ebay seller sold me a Japanese PSP with a movie that wouldn't even play on it. But I can flip that one down the road.

Considering how long it took me to get to this point, doing the actual transfer part was pretty easy.

Now what do I do with the files? Wink
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Well done!

I wonder which movie it is, and the type of the files!
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