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Ultraviolet unrated
There is a JP BD edition of the unrated version, which is 6min longer than theatrical; but the deleted scenes are 12min, so it seems that further 6min could be added to the unrated version...

Someone has the unrated (BD or DVD) AND the theatrical, to compare them, and find out if some deleted scenes are left outside the unrated?
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I can't remember it off the cuff as it's been quite a few years but I'd be interested in chipping rust off of that part of my memory. So: yes.
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(2016-04-16, 02:25 PM)taas007 Wrote: So: yes.

Does it mean that the unrated miss 6min from the deleted scenes?
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01 - "Alternate Opening" [Identical to the Extended Cut] (Runtime 06m02s)
02 - "Violet Blends In" [Identical to the Extended Cut] (Runtime 02m06s)
03 - "Stick By Me" [Identical to the Extended Cut] (Runtime 01m22s)
04 - "The Opera House" [Identical to the Extended Cut] (Runtime 01m17s)
05 - "Library Fight, Extended [Identical to the Extended Cut] (Runtime 00m43s)
Not a single frame difference from the deleted scenes and the Extended Blu-Ray.

The runtime difference must come from swapping the opening.
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Ok, thanks a lot for the info! Ok
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No problem. As far as I can now remember the longest bit of deleted.... anything you could even find was about 2sec, that consisted of an alternate angle of the last shot of the first half of the "Library Fight" (50 cents to anyone who can decipher this sentence).

There was also a leaked WIP of the "Rooftop Fight" that Kurt Wimmer showed at a University/College and was wiped off 98% of the internet afterwards.

This stuff's coming back to me so if there's any more questions you can have at it Big Grin
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IIRC the original cut was 120min... guess if this cut still exist somewhere!
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The hatcheting they did is ridiculous. Cut everything, drop the rating down to PG-13, etc.

I still have the breakdown of the differences (in text) somewhere. Too bad it didn't discretely go walkabout some years later. Because they sure as hell aren't going to release it officially.
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