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Se7en - CCE in HD & extended version

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According to this post - http://notonbluray.com/blog/the-case-of-se7en - it seems there is no CCE version in HD; plus, it will be great to add back the deleted scenes (that *may* be CCE, at least on my 2-disc IT DVD)... there is an extended fanedit around, but don't know if it is in HD, and I doubt that, if it is, is CCE...

Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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This is from the Se7en 1995 Remastered Edition Blu-ray US 1080P VC1 DTSHDMA-HDRoad release.
Some come close to the criterion but not close enough for me sadly
In case any 35mm of Se7en comes along at eBay one day, please let's inform each other as I'd be highly interested to have such a copy scanned and preserved.

Although the article and comparison is wonderful, at least for me it's a bit confusing as well. Such as the author is ultimately recommending the Dutch BD-release when it comes to a HD version. On the other hand he wrote:

"Another, possibly related transfer was used for the Italian 2009 Blu-ray, however this is appropriately matted, and appears to have very little in the way of color-correction applied."

Judging by the screenshots though, to me the Italian BD appears to be the most different one colour-wise.

Hence my personal "dream": an open matte* (!) scan of the original negative (not gonna happen I know).. Wink

* matting once desired could still be done afterwards but what you have, you have
Any 35mm would be a stretch for me, its needs to be a CCE print

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