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Se7en - CCE in HD & extended version
According to this post - - it seems there is no CCE version in HD; plus, it will be great to add back the deleted scenes (that *may* be CCE, at least on my 2-disc IT DVD)... there is an extended fanedit around, but don't know if it is in HD, and I doubt that, if it is, is CCE...

Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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This is from the Se7en 1995 Remastered Edition Blu-ray US 1080P VC1 DTSHDMA-HDRoad release.
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Some come close to the criterion but not close enough for me sadly
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In case any 35mm of Se7en comes along at eBay one day, please let's inform each other as I'd be highly interested to have such a copy scanned and preserved.

Although the article and comparison is wonderful, at least for me it's a bit confusing as well. Such as the author is ultimately recommending the Dutch BD-release when it comes to a HD version. On the other hand he wrote:

"Another, possibly related transfer was used for the Italian 2009 Blu-ray, however this is appropriately matted, and appears to have very little in the way of color-correction applied."

Judging by the screenshots though, to me the Italian BD appears to be the most different one colour-wise.

Hence my personal "dream": an open matte* (!) scan of the original negative (not gonna happen I know).. Wink

* matting once desired could still be done afterwards but what you have, you have
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Any 35mm would be a stretch for me, its needs to be a CCE print
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