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This Is Spinal Tap Criterion LD Audio
This movie popped in my head today and I started doing some digging. I'd like to purchase the 2009 US BD, which has a DTS HD MA 5.1 track that supposedly sounds and a lossy DD 2.0 track. Of course, I'm not satisfied with those options and would like to sync the Criterion LD PCM 2.0 to the BD. There's a region 2 UK BD that has a PCM 2.0 as a supplemental track but I don't know if it's the same as the Criterion LD.

Anyone got this audio?
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I have the 2.0 PCM track from the Optimum blu-ray, if you'd like it.
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Would be interesting to compare the two...

In my experience, I have noticed that 2.0 PCM BD tracks are a very mixed bag:

- some films have a 2.0 PCM BD track that is superior to the LD PCM (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation comes mind here as an example, since I recently was asked by a member here to look at them and sync if necessary but it wasn't) This is extremely rare in my experience...

- some films have a 2.0 PCM BD track that is equal/similar to the LD PCM and acquiring the LD audio is pointless. This is relatively rare in my experience...

- some films have a 2.0 PCM BD track that is inferior (either in terms of quality, being a genuine stereo/mono track instead of a downmix, different/alternate/censored sound mix, etc.) to the LD PCM and acquiring the LD audio is a necessity. This is relatively common in my experience and I have helped sync some of these. (I know some of you are waiting on me to sync a few others and I will be getting to those shortly, there's been a TON of SH*T on my plate lately - will explain elsewhere - otherwise I'd hijack the thread) Tongue
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I believe the Criterion is superior as they mastered right off the IP. The audio would be best from that because the later tracks brought about a lot of remixing, which isn't a good thing for a low budget film.

Of course I keep getting outbid on the I'm not certain.
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