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x264 BD compliant "perfect" settings
If the colors look identical, you haven't really done much wrong. The main danger is that you get an inconsistency in the color spaces (let's say Premiere decodes to RGB with Rec601 and x264 then encodes back to YUV with Rec709, which would result in slightly different colors). Otherwise the only thinkable "loss" is possible rounding errors in the color space conversion ... which I think is FAIRLY negligible to the point where its impossible to notice even if you were pixel peeping the lossless conversion ... much less after running it through an encoder like x264 with its quantization matrices that introduce magnitudes more imprecision than that.

Btw, you can check an encode while it is running, at least with commandline. Just open the .264 file in MPC-HC. You will not be able to jump forward or anything, but you can check the result in the beginning rather easily. If you don't wanna risk opening the file itself, you can make a copy of the in-progress .264 file and check that one.
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Yea, I know I could check now via mpc-be but don't want to do anything on the pc while its encoding just in case it interferes with the process. I don't mind waiting for the result and will more than likely like I said redo the whole thing, as I can't remember if I did the export using render depth option at 32bit rather than only 24bit.
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