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Have you ever really dreamed of a film print?

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Ok, I feel a bit embarrased saying this, but it was my first time and I found it very odd and funny!
I actually dreamed last night of watching a film print. Tongue

Well, in my dream, I downloaded an HDTV mkv version of An American Tail and as a surprise, you could choose between 2 different video options (like you do with audio options) and one of them was a magnificent looking film print of the movie (reminding me of the Bluray of The Land Before time) with fine grain and all!

has anything similar happened to anyone?
Big Grin
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That's probably not normal Smile
And your smoking what before bed? Tongue
Not really. And by that I mean, yes. Somewhat. Well, no. It's complicated.
(2016-05-27, 02:55 PM)Feallan Wrote: That's probably not normal Smile

That depends on what your definition of "normal" isTongue

(2016-05-27, 05:24 PM)DoomBot Wrote: And your smoking what before bed? Tongue

Don't know about him, but you know I was enjoying some green before bed and, yes, to the OP's question: Yes, I have had dreams of watching film prints but not in the way you described. For me, it was more a matter of whatever project I'm working on "spilling" over into my dreams. For example, this just happened to me with one of the projects I am working on right now; I was going through a scene, frame-by-frame, while sitting on the couch, which has a hallway just to left, off-center and as I started passing out, the dark hallway (around 3am) started "flickering" with a "projection" of the film that I'm working on, with film scratches, reel marks, splices and all... I "watched" about 15 minutes of the film before the film broke due to a bad splice and I was ripped out of sleep at that moment (around 7am) just in time to get my daughter up and ready for school, LOLTongue

What's creepy about it, is that I went back and looked at my project and did find a splice line on the frame where the film broke in my dream, that I hadn't noticed when I was actually working on the project earlier... So, in my dream, I found a frame I actually need to fix in the real world... I should've taken the blue pill, LOL Big Grin

I've had similar stuff happen to me with numerous projects in the past, so you're not the only one, even if our dreams were very different...
Thank heavens jerryshadoe.
I didn't want to feel the only crazy one here. Hehe.

Anyway, maybe this was just a one-time thing.
I was not well that day psychologically and maybe my mind took me to a place where I feel happy (seeing perfect prints of films I love and whose blurays are disappointing) in my dream.
I agree with Jerry.  Our dreams are often influenced by what's on our minds, and for those in our circle, that's often going to be film prints and the like.  It seems perfectly normal (and understandable) to me.
No, but I did dream that Steven Spielberg directed the goriest Tom & Jerry cartoon ever. ...yeah, I don't know what made me come up with that...

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