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Total Recall (1990) LD PCM

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This has taken me a little longer than I had planned  Blush

Over a year ago, Buster D sent me a rip of his Japanese Total Recall LD for syncing. He pointed out at the time that StudioCanal's current BD transfer is presented on disc in 24fps (not 23.976) and this might cause some problems - he wasn't wrong!

In the end I had to abandon the waveform match method and switch to a visual sync method. I needed to buy a copy of the disc so I had a video reference for the PCM sound, and (from the few options available in the UK) opted for the US ID7779IV release, which has the 'bonus feature' of being open matte.

Next I converted the BD video to the more conventional film rate (more on that in a moment), ripped and IVTCd the LD audio/video, and got syncing. The LD transfer begins with the Carolco logo, so I added the Tristar logo sound from the PCM on the Jacob's Ladder BD; the StudioCanal logo is left silent (more on that in a moment too).

Now, if you're planning on muxing this track with the BD video, you'll need to mux the video stream at 23.976 yourself; otherwise the sync will slip by around 7 frames by the end of the film. Presumably this is a straightforward option for MKV folks, and the original 44.1KHz version is available for this purpose. If you're making a Blu-ray, add the video and 48KHz audio, and set 'change fps' on the video stream to 24000/1001. I'd also recommend that you 'enable cutting' and set an inpoint at 21 seconds; this will start playback at the Tristar logo, as was the case theatrically (note that you'll also need to make a chapter point at 00:00:21.000 for this to take effect).

Hopefully it will all be worth it - it's a strong track and you can't go wrong with that Goldsmith score cranked right up  Tongue
Thanks, Jonno!  Do you know exactly which Studio Canal BD you used?  Is it the Dutch BD?

EDIT:  I think you mean the Ultimate Rekall Edition.  I hope that all releases of that were the same.

The recent "mastered in 4k" one was Sony, wasn't it?  This film has had so many releases that I get confused.
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Indeed, I used the UK release of the Ultimate Rekall edition. It came out around the same time as Lionsgate's Mind-Bending edition in the US, which I don't have to check, but I'd put money on it being the same video asset (the opening logos should be StudioCanal > TriStar > Carolco if anyone is in a position to check).

Only the remake has been released on the Mastered in 4K label (I had to check, though!) The 2012 releases probably squeezed out about as much as the 1990 elements have to give, at least at 1080p.

More info and links to follow in the other subforum, btw.
Thanks for the clarification!  I forgot that the the 4k was the remake. Blush

I'm fairly sure that I stuck with the VC-1-encoded disc from Optimum (UK) because the later AVC-encoded release from Optimum(UK)/Kinowelt(DE) had a bit of DNR/sharpening and because I didn't like the colors on the Ultimate Rekall Edition. I'll let you know how the remuxing goes.
So, I just have one question:How to get the Audio file? Smile
I have the German Total Rekall BD, that should be identical to the UK Version...
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Chewie: I'll be interested to know how that one turns out. I love the clarity on the newer transfer but, predictably, it's a lot cooler than the laserdisc reference. I still have the HD-DVD with the VC-1, but it (and my HD-DVD drive) are too deep in storage for me to look at the sync myself.
Remuxing with the Mind-bending Edition works fine.

The VC-1 BD from Optimum – which I'm pretty sure has the same video stream as the first German BD (from Kinowelt) – is in sync with the Mind-bending Edition (=Ultimate Rekall Edition) all the way once you account for a difference of fifty-five frames at the start.  Unlike the later BDs, the VC-1 BD is 23.976fps!

eac3to input.wav output.wav -2294ms

I don't know about the HD DVD, but I think that it's a good bet that the same delay value will work.

Here's why I prefer the VC-1 disc (below) to the remaster (above).  I like blue skies on Mars.
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I totally agree with you on the color, always preferred this over the remaster.
Can't wait to sync it up to the BD Video next weekend, and test it on my Sound System. (Hope my neighbor is not at home... Smile )
I just listened to some bit on my PC, and it sounds great.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Jonno, I've just checked for you, and the HD DVD is in sync with the VC-1 BD from Optimum all the way through to the end; consequently, the same delay value should work.  Ensure that you demux with eac3to so that it strips the pulldown for you.

[v03] Writing new framerate "24fps /1.001" to bitstream.
[v03] Removing VC-1 pulldown...

Unfortunately, the HD DVD seems to have an authoring error.

[v03] This EVO/VOB file contains authoring faults. Will try to work around that. (263)
[v03] Video has a gap of 7 frames at playtime 1:49:46.  <WARNING>

Fortunately, the gap is between the final shot and the closing credits.  A gap file will be written on demuxing.  If you want to use it, repeat the muxing process, and eac3to will automatically pick up the gap file and use it; however, the result with the file is not discernibly different from the result without it.  Both decode identically in terms of frame-count. (I've checked.)  If you have any doubts/problems, PM me, and we'll sort something out.

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