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Back To The Future - To Be Continued Edition

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Project Info:

This topic has kinda already started in the PDB's BTTF Open Matte Upscale Project.

This is my first real project.
I'm going to be using the famous DCPrip and apply a custom color correction to make it look more "theatrical" compared to the "raw interpositive scan" look of the 2002 master. Some members here will agree with me Wink My main color reference comes from an old VHS TVrip which was sourced on a theatrical print.

My other goal is to add the "To Be Continued" title card that was originally included in the video releases of the movie then removed in 2002. Apparently there is no official and good quality version of this logo so I've decided to recreate it based on the original one. It's no 100% match but it's still pretty good looking IMO and of course, better than nothing.

I'm planning to release a typical x264 MKV file including my capture of the US Laserdisc audio track presented in its original uncompressed PCM form.

Video Info:

File : MKV
Codec: x264
Bitrate: 25 mbps

1920x1038 pixels (1.85:1 OAR)

Audio Info:

File: Wav
Codec: PCM
Bitrate: 1536 kbps

48 KHz / 16 bits

Screenshot Comparison & Sample:

Screenshot comparison between the DCPrip and my custom CC: LINK

One minute sample: LINK


[Image: pics1.jpg]  [Image: pics2.jpg]

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Update! With screenshots and a sample! Please tell me what you guys think about the video quality of the sample. To me, it looks pretty good for almost half the bitrate of the original DCPrip.
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Looks good waterslides. I like where you are going with this. The only thing is the skin tones might be a hair too red but that is because they are too red in the orginial video. Just my opinion. Otherwise it looks great so far.

And cool name for the project.
Thanks a lot PDB! I agree with you on the skin tone being too reddish. Unfortunately, if I reduce the red even just a tad, it doesn't look as good. So I figured, what the hell! Wink

Oh by the way, the TBC logo at the top of this topic can be viewed in higher resolution by cliking on it in case nobody noticed. It's the actual version that I'm using for the project.
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Got ya, color correction is always a balance so I get that. Besides it really doesn't look bad.
Mhmm.. somehow I remembering seeing the "To be Continued" screen at least in DVD quality...
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You are right MrBrown! The logo was used at the end of the little featurette in the 2002 DVD. Unfortunately, it was letterboxed and doesn't look that great.
I've tried to upscale it but it's not as clean as my remade version.
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Really like the job you've done with the colours - looks like a number of the recent 4k scans there have been (Groundhog Day, Home Alone etc) and a big improvement over the 'dvd-colours' of the DCP.
Thank you alexpeden2000! I really appreciate to see this kind of comments since being able to get these colors that you indeed find on the modern 4K remasters is also what I was trying to achieve. They have such a more "cinematic feel". I'm really glad that you saw it in my project!
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To resurrect this thread - I found a clip on YouTube of the Japanese MUSE Hi-Vision LD (recorded off a TV), and that version has To Be Continued. Maybe finding it and capturing that in HD would be the answer to finally getting a quality version?
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