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Total Recall: custom BD
I have made a custom BD of Total Recall.  It includes jonno's LD PCM, which I synced to the first UK BD (from Optimum) because the otherwise-similar-looking AVC-encoded BD that Optimum(UK)/Kinowelt(DE) later released had a bit of DNR/sharpening and because I didn't like the colors on the Ultimate Rekall Edition.  The HD DVD looks very similar but has an (admittedly minor) authoring error.

The first Optimum BD is OOP, so it's hard to get hold of it.  I made this version to make it easier for people who like the old color-timing and don't want to resync the LD PCM themselves.

PCM from the LD
DTS-HD MA 5.1 (from the official BD)
various subtitles


PM me if you are interested.

Please do not:

pass on my links;
remux my releases;
re-encode my releases.
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon , PDB , applecakes
Fantastic! Good work sir.
Thanks given by:
Very cool, Chew
For new members: Please do not post or PM users asking where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
Thanks given by:
Count me in! Happy
Thanks given by:

Been collecting some Total recall releases for my collection so will need to check this out! Only seen the remastered DCP on the big screen (not a fan of the new colour timing either) PM sent!
Thanks given by:

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