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[request] Escape from New York - French and German titles?

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Like most of my preservation efforts, I'm working on a release of this film for the Italian audience, however, I'm going to make use of seamless branching so this project will include both original and Italian versions of the intro titles. And since I'll be fiddling with seamless branching it's easy to add other alternative versions of the same segments, so I wanted to know if this film was ever released on home video in any other European countries with localized title screens? Perhaps in the French or German Laserdiscs and/or VHS? Can anybody check it out for me? I would love to add more localized versions.
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I asked him and another guy on ebay who's selling a French LD. German one can't check it for me as he doesn't have a LD player anymore, French one is gonna get back to me.
I couldn't find any of those on YouTube except some trailers. The French trailer had an interesting title card but who knows if it reflects what's in the actual 35mm. I expect at least the movie title to have been translated for EU cinema prints.
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Maybe I can check German LaserDisc in two weeks.
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That would be sweet!
You know what it's easy to rebuild the card. The Font is Albertus.
(2016-06-10, 10:05 AM)Stamper Wrote: You know what it's easy to rebuild the card. The Font is Albertus.

With my preservations I don't just rebuild the title cards based on the American ones... I base all my work on reference footage in order to restore the original 35mm exprience in HD for different localized versions. In fact, the Italian print made use of a different font, not Albertus. I can't tell about the French or German versions until I see them.
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So, the German LD arrived, and I checked:

It has the German Title "DIE KLAPPERSCHLANGE" in the same font (and size) a line under the original one.
None Line got cleared out, it just apperas a bit later as the original one, and does not fade exactly with the normal text, also it seems a tune brighter. I'll try to capture that this weekend.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks a lot. What about the end credits? On the Italian 35mm they were in English, but you never know!
Do you have a chance to capture the German audio too?

The French guy never got back to me, he told me he was gonna check and I even wrote to him more times but nothing. This is the link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182147278737?_...EBIDX%3AIT if any French member here would like to add it to his own collection feel free to buy it and scan it for me, ahah (it's 7 euro, it was even discounted to 5 not long ago). Unfortunately I don't have any way of capturing video or audio from LD because I don't have LD players.
I wouldn't mind extending this work to a comprehensive US+EU version.
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I can try to capture the whole disc, but the quality may not be impressive. Also I have no experience in syncing and reorganizing, so you would only get two video files... Side 1 and Side 2 (If my equipement allows me to capure ... it is sometimes very... excentric.. Smile )

I did not check the end credits, but with everything else at the intro in english, it would be a surprise if they are in German...
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom

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